Brian, Thank you for selling our house so quickly and getting us the highest price in the neighbourhood by far, my neighbour isn’t happy that sold last month.  I am very grateful you helped us and showed great patience and care with my family.  Is there anything else we need to do when I’m back in Toronto in April?   Bill Fan


Dear Brian, You’re crazy – but thank you so much for buying our house – you seriously saved our bacon!

Jackie and I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stand the fact that everyone else in the condo kept going up for sale at the same time.

You said if we didn’t have an offer by July 15th that you’ve figure out a way to buy it yourself and you did.

We will never forget what you did for us. Thank you! – Scott and Jackie Luscombe


Dear Brian,   I want to thank you so much for all your help…we can finally sleep!

I have something I’d like to share with you  – until we hired you we were literally living in fear of not closing. The agent we hired before you just couldn’t sell our place no matter what he did, he was trying and that we know but closing day was getting closer and closer and nothing was happening.

My wife was getting physically sick with the whole thing – calling you was the best decision I made, and I want to thank you and your staff for all you did for my family. You literally took our bad situation and turned it around.

We are in our new place now and love it.  We will always remember how you came through for us. You got the job done and for that we are eternally grateful!

Thank you – and I am recommending you if, and when the conversation of hiring a realtor comes up. – H. Robertson


Dear Brian,  Thank you for all your help buying our house. This was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I really hope you can re-sell it.

We found the window receipts and left them with the other papers in the kitchen.  We are sorry for the mess but want you to have the oak hutch you liked as well as the tall boy dresser upstairs.

Good luck in your race. –  Brenda Roberts


Hi Brian!  How is everything?  I hope the whole family is well!  I would like to thank you for everything with the sale of our house. It would not have been done without the extensive effort on your part and also to have us realize what goes on behind the scenes in getting to that finale.

It seemed like we needed a miracle (or at least a specific type of buyer, which we got). We thank you, Brian, for being professional, honest, informative, and strategic adviser. Thank you for showing us why you are in the realty business and why you are great at what you do. I can see the enjoyment that can be achieved when a house is SOLD! I, too, felt a tremendous relief and happiness when our house sold as well.

We thank you, for your suggestions, and the staging.  We are happy with the final outcome considering the current market situation. We were fortunate enough to have you. – Elsie Shum


Hi Brian and The Team! I would like to thank you all for everything with the sale of our house. It would not have been done without the extensive effort on your part and also to have us realize what goes on behind the scenes in getting to that finale. It seems like a miracle and we thank you for being professional, honest, informative and strategic adviser.  T. Hennessy Newmarket


Brian Taylor and his associates were my real estate agents for the recent sale of my townhouse in Newmarket.
When I approached them, they promptly set up an appointment and took all the time to listen to my plans and advised me how to reach my goal of selling my home without a long protracted process.

They made the whole process of listing and selling my home very smoothly. In their office they have a stager available who came the same day and quickly changed some things around and advised on some changes in decor and the house looked great and was ready to sell. And if I wanted/needed Margaret and Brian also have a house cleaner available so that the house is in top shape to sell it. Fresh flowers were brought over and kept checking in with me to ensure that everything was going according my wishes and also to take some of the stress off by talking me through what I could  expect.
Brian did some minor repairs to ensure that everything was in working order which I really appreciated.

The Open House was a great success because of advertising and having everything ready. That evening the bids came in and Brian kept a close eye on it and did the negotiating with great skill and excellent communication towards me. At 9 o’clock the negotiations came to fruition and my house was sold. All in all the process took about 72 hours.

After the sale I was not abandoned and was called regularly about next steps etc.

All in all it was a stressful time made so much more manageable by the professionalism of Brian and his associates. — Mieke Meere


“We met Brian and his associate at an Open House, they were the listing agents. We fell in love with the house right away, but we didn’t have an agent to represent us at the time.  Luckily, they were easy to approach and connected us with the seller directly. They worked as a dual agent and helped us reach a fair deal with the seller. They both had gone above and beyond and they helped us to get the dream house without going through pains and worries.

We are very thankful! They are knowledgeable, patient and approachable! We highly recommend Brian Taylor to anyone who is looking for their dream home.” – T. MacLachlin