Meet the Group

Brian Taylor – President, The Taylor Real Estate Group

A highly motivated professional, Brian has 23 years of experience leading the real estate market in Toronto and York Region. Brian has also spent the better part of 30 years in construction and consultation (carpentry and landscaping) as owner of Heritage landscaping. Brian’s earliest landscape designs and construction clients are still referring him to this day. Brian also runs an investor’s holdings group and consortium of residential and commercial properties. Most recently, Brian has implemented an IT department for marketing which has given his team leverage for optimizing his inventory and sale performance. Brian is a keen listener, which allows him to gain a deeper understanding of his client’s culture, and to provide the highest caliber solutions to his client’s challenges and needs.

Brian: 416-709-4788


Rosemary Bridges – Sales Representative/Office Manager,  The Taylor Real Estate Group

Organization and knowledge are key to a successful business.  Rosemary brings 19 years experience as a realtor, 4 years experience with renovations and project management, and 6 years experience as a Real Estate Law Clerk for a prestigious law firm in downtown Toronto.  Rosemary always goes above and beyond and brings a whole new meaning to customer service.  Her extensive knowledge of all aspects of a real estate transaction, gives her clients a sense of relief knowing that the information they have been given is correct, and in its entirety.  Transactions are always smooth, hassle free and her clients are always happy.  It speaks volumes about a person when they have a high referral of family and friends from past clients.  Rosemary is always professional, full of joy, eager to meet and help new people, and donates her time to making charitable donations to those in need.

Rosemary:  705-241-5131